JayEm Technology, Inc. is a company focused on design and development of custom applications, according to customer requirements. It arose from the need for companies to simplify management processes and centralize information, allowing access from anywhere in the world.

In a highly technical world, marked by rapid changes in technologies evolving and demand for high value-added solutions is not enough to have formal knowledge of software techniques for the development of a product or business. Flexibility, adaptability and integrity, are some concepts that give meaning to the idea of integral comprehensive business knowledge. Main basis to provide our customers with top quality services and high added value by providing the best solution to each particular business.

We are a team of engineers with over 15 years of experience in application development. We love what we do, sharing a professional, personal and collective developing environment, in which knowledge is shared, the vocation of service and our efforts to satisfy the customer’s needs are our main goals.



Build a company dedicated to the creation and implementation of applications and services to our customers, constantly relying on innovative approaches and the use of new technologies.

To achieve these goals is essential to have a team of highly trained professionals with the necessary motivation and commitment to provide a high added value to our customers. We prioritize continuous improvement, trying to be better day by day to ensure economic evolution in a cordial working atmosphere that fosters creativity, respect for business ethics and human values.



In a world, tightly interconnected with the information technologies, we want to be leaders on the provision of innovative software solutions.


  • Provide customized applications based on the newest technologies on all areas that demands information technology. Always looking for making the difference on quality of service and client satisfaction.
  • Being an recognized and chosen company as “technological partner” of their clients because the quality of its approaches and the strict fulfillment of the acquired commitments.



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