Forget about all the trouble and frustrations with your computer. If you need to remove a virus, recovery lost files, fix a PC or install a software, we have the expertise and tools to fulfill these task in the fastest and professional way.
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Servers/PC maintenance


The most important thing to our customers is the guarantee that their PCs will be always at top performance, and they can always count on a professional team to solve any issue. That’s what our mantintenance and repair services are for.

We do remote management from our office whenever possible, to ensure maximun response time, with high flexibility and low costs.

PC/Laptop support & repair

We can solve any problem you may have with software and hardaware, on servers, desktop PCs and/or laptops. Our technicians will assist you, offering always the best solution.

You will take control again over all your computing activity in the shortest time, avoiding downtimes and money loss. 

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Antispam, Antivirus & Antispyware

Computer viruses are pieces of code designed to damage and/or alter the proper performance of your computer, also they can stole sensitive information such as pictures, passwords, contacts or credit card data. If your computer goes slower than usual, gets freeze, lots of pop-ups without any reason, missing files, then you may have virus.

If this occurs, you must contact us immediately, so we can remotely connect to your PC and remove all threats. We will also provide you with the tools to detect and prevent any further infection.

Data recovery

We know how important is your information to you, that’s why we want to help you to recovery those files you had lost. If you accidentally deleted a file, stop using the PC, hold the power button until the PC shutdown, and contact us.

We also recover data from unreadable hard disk drives or memory sticks.

In some cases the device is so damage that we cannot do anything, if this happens you don’t have to pay anything.

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