We install LAN/WAN/Wireless networking solutions, VoIP call centers and internal software, security cameras with real-time access from anywhere in the world.
Do you need a data network, or speed up the one you have?
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Network installation & maintenance

We offer solutions aimed to your needs. You can get the whole analysis and implementation of your corporate networks, local area networks (LAN), wide area network (WAN), wireless networks, virtual private network (VPN) and all the neccesary equipment, with maximum guarantees.

VoIP Call Centers

We offer a VoIP solution for your business, allowing you to have extensions inside and outside the office within the same city, county, state or country, thus allowing to create an office without boundaries, increasing the integration and collaboration, also making possible communications between offices at zero cost to your company.

Security cameras installation

Our services are based on the implementation of security solutions. Our work involves the installation, configuration and implementation of security cameras. These cameras can be monitored from any mobile device with access to Internet. The equipment allows not only view live what is going on remotely, but also record events that occur in each security camera.